EK Association

Nature and History From The Youth Objectives

kapak2Youth in Action 1.1 programme
20th July 2010 – 27th July 2010, Kahramanmaras, Turkey

Authority of Kahramanmaras – Kahramanmaras, Turkey, Kürsat Ciftici
Consortia.es – Sevilla, Spain, coordinator: Rafael Sánchez
ÉK Association – Budapest, Hungary, coordinator: Adrienn Tamás
SRPŠ – Uničov, Czech Republic, coordinator: Kateřina Kuncová
Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa – Lisbon, Portugal, coordinator: Aida Cardoso

An international photo camp was held in Kahramanmaras, Turkey between 20th-27th July 2010. The programme called ‘Nature and History Through The Youth Objectives’ was realized in the framework of Youth Exchange, Action1.1 project. The Hungarian group gathered by the EK Association had held several meetings before they left to Turkey for the camp, where they assembled the photo material introducing Hungary and themselves. In Kahramanmaras the youth under age 25 hold an exhibition and collected a photo album from the works made in the camp about the Turkish landscape, historical towns, and people.


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