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Re-think Heritage!

‘Re-think Heritage!’ was brought into being as a transnational partnership to answer the great need for new, innovative practices in the education of heritage management and protection of monuments. The partnership is made up of institutions of various profiles including non-governmental associations, a university, a municipal department and a web development enterprise, all being active in the field of heritage protection or in the development of digital form educational materials.

The project aims to assemble a Digital Handbook of European scope which operates with illustrative and interactive features for providing clearer understanding on complex technical details of traditional building technologies and on the debatable questions of historic preservation of monuments, while collecting together the most important principles and instruments of heritage management, their development throughout history and showcasing best practice examples in the management of heritage protected areas and monuments. This educational tool is also planned to be paired with a structured learning management system allowing distance learning technologies for the digitally elaborated training course of the project.

The project targets not only learners of architecture and heritage management studies, but also practising professionals of these occupations, who will be able to use the online accessible materials in their everyday work, while dealing with building contractors and craftspersons or negotiating with developers and decision-makers, using the Handbook as an essential store of knowledge, that can also help the reasoning process throughout its highly illustrative methodologies. Further target group of the project are homeowners and lease holders of heritage protected properties who can get access to important but easily understandable knowledge for the maintenance of their homes, while the project initiatives will be also supported by the downloadable print-form version of the handbook and a guidance material explaining the usage of the e-learning platform and facilitating the implementation of the course material to the curricula of any educational frameworks of VET and universities throughout Europe.

Partners of the project:

EK Association, Hungary – coordinator
Best Cybernetics, Greece
Lublin Municipality, Poland
Universitat Polit├ęcnica de Valencia, Spain
Institute of Vernacular Architecture, Slovenia