EK Association


EK Associaton (ÉK Egyesület) was established by young architects in 2006 in Budapest, Hungary. As a professional architectural organization our main objectives are conducing to the the raising of the level of  Hungarian architectural and enviromental culture, to preserve our cultural heritage and to promote sustainability in architecture with our activities. The association aims to bring together individuals and organisations with an interest of cultural heritage and to heighten public awareness of our public monuments and preservation of buildings. Our main focus is on the Carpathian Basin but we believe that cultural heritage and identity is of many levels and our interest is of circles with different radius but same centre.

Our association’s mission is to create an approachable medium of architects and student architects to meet and hold events to share common aspirations and discuss thoughts, to organize exhibitions, conferences and workshops, to organize excursions to places of historical or natural interests and to issue publicates of studies on architectural and cultural heritage. It is also important to us to raise awareness of sustainable green technology and building materials. The association joins in research and innovation projects in the topic of how using local traditional building customs and contstruction methodolgies in the modern contemporary building practice. Our association supports building camps to experience adobe, earth wall or straw bale architecture and other eco-technologies organizing workshops and exhibitions to share experiences.


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