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Illustrative Multilingual Dictionary for Architects (ARCHIDICT)


Illustrative Multilingual Dictionary for Architects, Builders & Contruction Workers (ARCHIDICT) project’s main objective is to assemble an illustrative multilingual dictionary for the use of learners and workers of the construction industry, summarising European building traditions and modern building technologies. Innovative educational solutions and most up-to-date software technology is planned to be used in order to make the web application a useful resource for educational and work purposes. Its illustrative representation and digital form realisation will result in an effective tool in developing both architectural technical competences and equally required language skills in 9 languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek, Polish and Portuguese. The learning tool will also include interactive tests for measuring gained knowledge and skills.

Further outputs of the project are planned to be offline, trilingual form publications of the digital content and two handbooks for promoting the dictionary as an educational tool for VET and universities and for providing guidelines for the later extension of the digital content with further languages.

As a result of the successfully realised project individuals and enterprises acting in the construction industry will gain a freely accessible tool that will help learning the technical terminology of architecture in national, global or in other foreign languages while easing international trade co-operations as well with the help of its outstanding usability.

ARCHIDICT is DIGITAL + ILLUSTRATIVE + MULTILINGUAL + EDUCATIONAL. We can proudly say that ARCHIDICT is a unique and innovative product as many architectural dictionaries exist, but any has all these features taken all together.